Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boost your laptop battery life

Avoid watching DVD’s on battery and watch downloads since DVD’s consume a larger amount of power. You can always save your downloads on the hard disk and watch them as and when you desire. If you need to free up your disk space you can transfer the data to other drives or even Ipod’s.

Some people argue that they keep their notebook always on power and never use the battery. This in fact causes greater damage to your machine as your battery is likely to wear off sooner than it should since it has forgotten how to retain a charge. You tend to aggravate the problem if you keep your machine plugged 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The simple solution to this is to pull out the wire and after some time plug it in for a recharge. It’s a bit of a bother but do consider the fact that you delay the expenditure of purchasing a new replacement battery which generally costs around $100 and still continue to derive the maximum benefits from the battery you had purchased. Old, discarded batteries have a tendency to leak and cause damage to the internals of the notebook. It is in your interest to look after your battery to have a healthy notebook operational for a longer duration at the lowest cost.


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