Monday, December 21, 2009

Learn how to replace your laptop ac adapter

When your laptop ac adapter stops work or is damaged, you need to buy a new one and replace the current one. Here is a simple guide for you, just read on.

Firstly, Choose the proper power supply for your computer. Google can always help, just enter the model number of your laptop, for instance, Dell Inspiron 5100 AC Adapter, then input the words “Power Supply” and it will result in a list of products you can use to replace your present power supply.

Secondly, Use the information you glean from your Internet search to purchase the proper replacement power supply. The best deals are typically online or direct from the manufacturer, but it is more convenient to go to a retail store to get a replacement part immediately.

Thirdly, Disconnect your old power supply from the laptop. This includes the entire power cable and AC/DC adapter. You may be able to reuse the cords of your old unit, such as if they are longer.

Fourthly, Assemble the new power supply that you purchased earlier. The AC cord connects to the AC/DC adapter, which connects to the DC cord, which finally connects to the laptop.

Finally, Ensure the light on the AC/DC adapter is lit which means the power supply is receiving power. You will also see on your Windows desktop in the lower right hand toolbar a power charging icon; it will look like a battery with a lightning bolt flashing on it.

Wow, isn't that easy? Well, it's really simple and enjoyable as you are DIY.

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