Monday, March 15, 2010

How does a notebook battery work

A notebook battery works in much the same way as batteries that go into portable CD players, remote controls, and shower radios. Just like the batteries used in these household items, notebook batteries come in different sizes based upon the size of the notebook. notebook batteries however, contain within them complex charging circuitry that works together with a notebook’s hardware.

Inside each notebook battery are internal power cells. These power cells are arranged in a series and are parallel to each other. This is done in order to maximize the voltage level for the battery as a whole. In addition these cells are controlled by a circuit board. The circuit board regulates how the cells work for both the process of discharging and recharging energy. It makes sure that your battery is not overcharged when charging, and it makes sure that each cell drains the same amount so you can have a longer run time.

Inside each battery there are also positive and negative electrodes. In order to power your notebook, a chemical reaction occurs with both the positive and negative electrodes. This reaction flows in a specific way in order to discharge energy. Plugging in your adapter reverses this process in order to recharge your battery. The process of reversing the chemical reaction occurs for both positive and negative electrodes. To make both the discharge of energy as well as recharge process work, this process must be exact. If not, then a short-circuit may occur. This process is basically the same whether your battery runs on Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), or Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly).

This process is then regulated by hardware within your notebook. The hardware in your notebook ensures that the cells are functioning to their capacity. This is what also allows you to check the life left on your notebook battery before it needs to be recharged. A battery symbol is typically displayed on the right corner of your task bar. This symbol graphically shows how much energy has been discharged as well as how much is left.

Although a notebook battery is rechargeable, it does have a limited life span. A typical battery usually lasts for about 500-700 charges before it will no longer be capable of recharging, and a replacement is necessary. The amount of charges can vary depending on the main use of your notebook. Some functions require more energy then others. Using functions such as a DVD player or using the brigh test screen setting can drain the battery quicker, thus requiring it to be charged sooner. The more often you need to charge your battery, the sooner the battery will be drained of its life span.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boost your laptop battery life

Avoid watching DVD’s on battery and watch downloads since DVD’s consume a larger amount of power. You can always save your downloads on the hard disk and watch them as and when you desire. If you need to free up your disk space you can transfer the data to other drives or even Ipod’s.

Some people argue that they keep their notebook always on power and never use the battery. This in fact causes greater damage to your machine as your battery is likely to wear off sooner than it should since it has forgotten how to retain a charge. You tend to aggravate the problem if you keep your machine plugged 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The simple solution to this is to pull out the wire and after some time plug it in for a recharge. It’s a bit of a bother but do consider the fact that you delay the expenditure of purchasing a new replacement battery which generally costs around $100 and still continue to derive the maximum benefits from the battery you had purchased. Old, discarded batteries have a tendency to leak and cause damage to the internals of the notebook. It is in your interest to look after your battery to have a healthy notebook operational for a longer duration at the lowest cost.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Learn how to replace your laptop ac adapter

When your laptop ac adapter stops work or is damaged, you need to buy a new one and replace the current one. Here is a simple guide for you, just read on.

Firstly, Choose the proper power supply for your computer. Google can always help, just enter the model number of your laptop, for instance, Dell Inspiron 5100 AC Adapter, then input the words “Power Supply” and it will result in a list of products you can use to replace your present power supply.

Secondly, Use the information you glean from your Internet search to purchase the proper replacement power supply. The best deals are typically online or direct from the manufacturer, but it is more convenient to go to a retail store to get a replacement part immediately.

Thirdly, Disconnect your old power supply from the laptop. This includes the entire power cable and AC/DC adapter. You may be able to reuse the cords of your old unit, such as if they are longer.

Fourthly, Assemble the new power supply that you purchased earlier. The AC cord connects to the AC/DC adapter, which connects to the DC cord, which finally connects to the laptop.

Finally, Ensure the light on the AC/DC adapter is lit which means the power supply is receiving power. You will also see on your Windows desktop in the lower right hand toolbar a power charging icon; it will look like a battery with a lightning bolt flashing on it.

Wow, isn't that easy? Well, it's really simple and enjoyable as you are DIY.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to buy Toshiba PA3290U 2ACA ac adapter

The voltage of an laptop ac adpater source changes from instant to instant in time. The effective voltage of an AC utility power source is usually considered to be the DC voltage that would produce the same power dissipation as heat assuming a pure resistance. The effective voltage for a sine wave is not the same as the peak voltage. To obtain effective Toshiba PA3290U 2ACA ac adapter voltage from peak voltage, multiply by 0.707. To obtain peak voltage from effective voltage, multiply by 1.414.

Before purchasing the Toshiba PA3290U 2ACA ac adapter, please read carefully your laptop user manual to ensure the tech specs are compatible with your laptop.This laptop AC adapter is suitable to laptop, featuring with many protection functions, such as overload protection, output short circuit protection. Its compact and lightweight design makes it convenient to provide portable power source for use at office or home. 130W design enables optimum system performance.

The voltage of a Toshiba PA3290U 2ACA ac adapter source changes from instant to instant in time. The effective voltage of alaptop ac adpater source is usually considered to be the DC voltage that would produce the same power dissipation as heat assuming a pure resistance. The effective voltage for a sine wave is not the same as the peak voltage.
Believe that having read so many information about Toshiba PA3290U 2ACA ac adapter warranty. has been a gennernal understanding for most of laptop ac adapter warranty , and finally we sum up the Toshiba PA3290U 2ACA ac adapter aspectswe should understand.

First of all, when the purchase should be asked in detail about the laptop ac adapter to provide long warranty, followed by the manufacturers warranty or are provided by third parties, and the latter method are about the warranty question, to determine the warranty period are the consumers have to carry Toshiba PA3290U 2ACA ac adapter to the designated manufacturers have agreed to place the warranty provided by third parties or again, would we have to ask whether or not to participate Warranty laptop ac adapter, when the all clear, the consumer can be assured of purchase.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter introduction

Laptop ac adapter allow you and your laptop to stay mobile in an increasingly mobile world. With more powerful laptop computers that do everything from gaming to HD quality video, the chances that you'll need more Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter for your notebook are very high. But after using some time, your Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter may can't work, then you can follow this steps.

1. Verify that the Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter brick is receiving power.

2. Shut down the computer and unplug the Apple ac adapter from the system first and then from the power socket. Wait 5 seconds.

3. Plug the Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter directly into the wall socket, bypassing surge protectors, UPS units, or extension cords. The laptop ac adapter LED should produce a steady green light.

4. If you do not get a green light, try the Apple ac adapter in another wall outlet in another room or verify that the first outlet works with a lamp or hairdryer.

You can also isolate the power problem to a bad Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter by swapping it out with a second laptop ac adapter - such as one for use with the port replicator.

If the Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter LED lights, check the computer for bad connections. Examine the system power socket to be sure it does not have any bent, missing, or pushed-in pins.

Plug the Apple ac adapter connector directly into the computer, bypassing surge protectors, extension cords, etc. Be sure that the Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter connector fits tightly into the computer's power socket.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Brief introduction to Gateway Pa165002 Ac Adapter

Using the pocket knife remove the plastic wall surrounding the mounting hole. Make the hole larger, so then new jack fits in.

The new Gateway pa-1650-02 ac adapter jack is too long and if you install it as is the laptop cover will not sit properly on the base. It happens because one of the speakers (in Satellite L305D) is located very close to the power jack. It will work if you make the jack shorter. You can cut off part of the long lead or simply bent it as I did. After it's done coat both leads with generous amount of solder.

Now remove the damaged Toshiba PA3283U-1ACA AC Adapter power jack from the laptop and cut off wires somewhere close to the jack base. Remove isolation, twist wires and coat them with solder. The red "+" wire will connect to the lead in the center of the new jack. The black "-" wire will connect to the lead on the side - the one you made shorter. In some laptops Toshiba uses green wires instead or red wires. They also should be soldered to the "+" lead in the center of your new jack.

Check the polarity before you apply power to the laptop. Now mount the new power jack on the base. Solder wires to the new jack. Again, the red wire is soldered to the lead in the center and the black on to the lead on the side. The new (modified) power harness has been installed into the laptop base. Now you can tighten the nut on theGateway pa165002 laptop ac power adapter jack and secure it on the base. Remove plastic reinforcement walls so they do not touch the Toshiba ac adapter power jack when the cover is installed. If you leave these walls, there will be a gap between the cover and base.

By the way, if your laptop is still under warranty, Toshiba might fix this problem at no charge. Call them first or take the laptop to the authorized repair center. If this modification works for you, please mention the laptop model in the comments. You are welcome to post any suggestions and improvements.

How to fit a Dell Latitude E5500 Keyboard

If you have a used laptop and you don't have any idea what brand or model it is, you could be in for a ton of trouble if it begins to malfunction. Hardware problems can be extremely troublesome, because you don't know where to go for replacement parts. If the problem is a keyboard that needs to be replaced, you'll probably suffer a few pounding headaches before you find the right one to fit your laptop. The good thing about headaches is that they always go away, and they will when you find the right Dell Latitude E5500 Keyboard.

Instructions Things You'll Need: Phillips-head screwdriver Small plastic wedge or flat-head screwdriver

Step 1 Power down the computer and remove all the external devices that are attached, and then remove the battery. To remove the battery on most laptops, you'll just push a release tab and pull the battery out of the connectors, but with some you'll have to remove screws. You'll know what to do once you get ready to disconnect the battery.

Step 2 Open the laptop as far as it will open and use a small plastic wedge or a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry up the end of the bezel (the plate directly above the keyboard). You'll pry at the notch in the top-right corner of the keyboard, and then pull the other side off with your hand. Some laptop bezels are secured by screws on the bottom of the laptop, so if you find this to be the case for yours, just flip the laptop over and remove the screws, and then turn it over again to remove the bezel.

Step 3 Remove the screws that secure the Dell E5500 Keyboard to the laptop. Don't pull the keyboard off yet, because it's still attached to the motherboard by a flat cable. Flip the keyboard over the palm rest.

Step 4 Disconnect the flat cable and pull off the keyboard. Now that you've removed the keyboard, you can take it with you when you go to get a replacement keyboard.

Step 5 Request a Dell Latitude E5500 Keyboard match when you arrive at the place where you're going to buy a keyboard. The attendent may allow you to match up the screw holes and the size of the keyboard so you have the best chances of finding the right one. Once you make your purchase, save your receipt and don't do too much damage to the packaging when opening it, just in case you have to take the keyboard back because it isn't the right fit.

Tips & Warnings You can look for serial numbers and manufacturer information on the underside of the keyboard and enter your findings in the search bar on the Internet. This may speed up your search for a replacement keyboard.