Monday, December 14, 2009

Brief introduction to Gateway Pa165002 Ac Adapter

Using the pocket knife remove the plastic wall surrounding the mounting hole. Make the hole larger, so then new jack fits in.

The new Gateway pa-1650-02 ac adapter jack is too long and if you install it as is the laptop cover will not sit properly on the base. It happens because one of the speakers (in Satellite L305D) is located very close to the power jack. It will work if you make the jack shorter. You can cut off part of the long lead or simply bent it as I did. After it's done coat both leads with generous amount of solder.

Now remove the damaged Toshiba PA3283U-1ACA AC Adapter power jack from the laptop and cut off wires somewhere close to the jack base. Remove isolation, twist wires and coat them with solder. The red "+" wire will connect to the lead in the center of the new jack. The black "-" wire will connect to the lead on the side - the one you made shorter. In some laptops Toshiba uses green wires instead or red wires. They also should be soldered to the "+" lead in the center of your new jack.

Check the polarity before you apply power to the laptop. Now mount the new power jack on the base. Solder wires to the new jack. Again, the red wire is soldered to the lead in the center and the black on to the lead on the side. The new (modified) power harness has been installed into the laptop base. Now you can tighten the nut on theGateway pa165002 laptop ac power adapter jack and secure it on the base. Remove plastic reinforcement walls so they do not touch the Toshiba ac adapter power jack when the cover is installed. If you leave these walls, there will be a gap between the cover and base.

By the way, if your laptop is still under warranty, Toshiba might fix this problem at no charge. Call them first or take the laptop to the authorized repair center. If this modification works for you, please mention the laptop model in the comments. You are welcome to post any suggestions and improvements.

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