Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter introduction

Laptop ac adapter allow you and your laptop to stay mobile in an increasingly mobile world. With more powerful laptop computers that do everything from gaming to HD quality video, the chances that you'll need more Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter for your notebook are very high. But after using some time, your Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter may can't work, then you can follow this steps.

1. Verify that the Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter brick is receiving power.

2. Shut down the computer and unplug the Apple ac adapter from the system first and then from the power socket. Wait 5 seconds.

3. Plug the Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter directly into the wall socket, bypassing surge protectors, UPS units, or extension cords. The laptop ac adapter LED should produce a steady green light.

4. If you do not get a green light, try the Apple ac adapter in another wall outlet in another room or verify that the first outlet works with a lamp or hairdryer.

You can also isolate the power problem to a bad Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter by swapping it out with a second laptop ac adapter - such as one for use with the port replicator.

If the Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter LED lights, check the computer for bad connections. Examine the system power socket to be sure it does not have any bent, missing, or pushed-in pins.

Plug the Apple ac adapter connector directly into the computer, bypassing surge protectors, extension cords, etc. Be sure that the Gateway PA-1650-01 ac adapter connector fits tightly into the computer's power socket.

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